Nutrition Counselors

Individual Diet Counseling
Nutrition is a critical component of one's overall wellness. With so many unhealthy food choices available in our culture, it can sometimes become difficult to discern what we should and shouldn't consume. If you would like assistance with your diet therapy strategies, the SRWC can help. Our nutrition counselors are all upper-level students majoring in nutrition who will be glad to assist you with your nutritional questions. All counseling materials, strategies, and counseling techniques will be approved by Sheila Jones, PhD, RD, LD (Registered and Licensed Dietitian) A 30 minute session costs only $10 and may be purchased at the Member Services Desk in the SRWC. Prior to your visit, please select and email the nutrition counselor of your choice. In your email, tell the counselor when you will be able to meet them for nutrition counseling. Please include specifics about items you would like to discuss in your session. The counselor will send you an email with your confirmation of the appointment. For more information about Nutrition Counseling please contact Sheila Jones.

Sheila Jones PhD —
Dr. Jones has been at ACU for the past 14 years as the Director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics. She has also worked as a Clinical, Community, and Consulting Registered Dietitian in various areas of the nutrition field. One of Dr. Jones’ research areas includes the effects that various nutrition and exercise regimes have on a person’s life cycle. With her expertise in the field, she will surely help individuals seeking nutrition counsel find a way to improve their wellness by improving their dietary habits.

Sammantha Kolb —
Sammantha Kolb is a senior studying nutrition at Abilene Christian University. When she graduates from ACU, she expects to prepare for her future as a registered dietitian by completing a dietetic internship. With her degree and RD status, she desires to help those who have food, home and safety insecurities in order for them to find assistance and to reach a safer position. Her main goal would be to work for a program like WIC (Women, Infants, and Children), a large service organization, or children’s food program. As a mother herself, these programs lie close to her heart. When she is not at school or studying, she works full time. She also enjoys playing outside and reading with her son, as well as delivering Meals on Wheels with her husband as part of his job’s service project.