Group Exercise Offerings

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Please note: Some classes may not be offered every semester. 

Water Aerobics
Come and try out our liquid weight machines. Be kind to your joints while increasing aerobic and muscle conditioning in a low impact environment.  Improve core strength without doing one sit-up! Classes offered at various times during the week.

Boot Camp
This class offers high intensity workouts that promise to increase both strength and endurance.  Join others in the early morning hours, or late afternoons as they kick, jump, punch, push, and run to higher levels of fitness.

With its Brazilian roots, Capoeira provides a fabulous blend of athleticism, martial arts, and artistry. This class is designed to challenge aspects of your cardiovascular system, strength, balance, and endurance. By attending this class you will not only enjoy physical training, you will also enjoy the community atmosphere offered while learning this form of art.

Improve your cardiovascular endurance, and tone your entire body with this energy filled cycling class. Participants should arrive early for seat adjustment instructions. Be sure to bring a towel and water. You will need both!

Come and enjoy the fun while experiencing a full body workout. Move to music that is energizing and high-intensity as you increase your endurance level and improve your overall body tone.

Zumba Toning 
All the fun of Zumba with additional focus on toning. Zumba Toning incorporates light hand-held weights to sculpt muscle while providing a great calorie-burning workout!

Core Performance 
Your body’s performance depends upon the strength of its core! This class is sure to help you perform better in all that you do. Increase stabilization while increasing strength during this 45minute class.

Come and participate in a full body workout, while toning, and improving flexibility. Techniques that will be used during this time together will be beneficial in all areas of your wellness journey. Classes will be offered in both indoor and outdoor venues allowing participants to become fully engaged in their workout experience.

Bouldering 101 
Come to the bouldering wall for this class and learn how to take your training to a different height! Instructors will train you how to safely and efficiently gain fitness from the sport of bouldering. Information of what equipment you will need for this class can be obtained at the member services desk.

Cardio Kickboxing
Set to upbeat music, Cardio Kickboxing is sure to get you moving. CK is a high intensity total body workout. This class incorporates choreography inspired by martial arts and boxing. It blends cardio with jabs, punches, kicks and combinations. This class will help to increase your endurance as well as tone and sculpt your body. No need for gloves, just come as you are!

Soar is a fitness class that incorporates elements of Dance Fitness, Cardio Kickboxing, Bodyweight Resistance and Flexibility.  Soar is designed to be motivating, inspiring, uplifting, de-stressing, energizing and rejuvenating of mind, body and Spirit.

This class that will take you to the next level. Using body weight exercises, hand weights and HIIT training, this class is designed to be tuff! SOARtuff is a 25 minute class, allowing you to squeeze a great workout in during your busy day. Modifications for all fitness levels will be available.