Abilene Christian University Information Services Operational Policy

Termination of Student Accounts

Responsible Office


All accounts, with the exception of accounts of active students and current employees, will be deactivated (terminated) after two long semesters of inactivity. The SOATERM field in Banner will be accepted as the source of authority for determining when student accounts should be deactivated. This policy relates to the following accounts and services: LDAP, email, modem access.

Overview of Issue
Information Services needs a way to clearly define when a student’s access-privileges and accounts can be reasonably terminated. In order to consistently align the availability of student tools with a student’s eligibility to participate in university activities, Information Services will accept the Registrar’s definition of students’ eligibility to register as the “source of authority” for this purpose.

Implementation & Management
Source of Authority:
The Registrar's policy is that students will be able to register for courses without a readmission process for two long terms following the last term he/she attended. Students who attend summers only will be able to register each summer as long as they do not skip a summer.

The readmit term on the SOATERM field in Banner is set for two long terms back. For example, a student who was registered in 200310 would be able to register in 200410 (but not in 200420) without a readmission process.

Change Control
The following individuals or offices should be notified prior to implementing changes to this policy: Provost; Registrar; CIO; Director of Web Integration and Programming; Director of Computing and Networking Services; Director of Technology Support Services.

Effective Date: July 1, 2004
Expiration Date: None
Review Date: December 7, 2007

Policy Owner