Termination of Employee Accounts Policy

Responsible Department: Information Technology
Effective Date: March 1, 2012
Reviewed/Updated Date: October 11, 2016
Date of Scheduled Review: October 1, 2017


The purposes of this policy is to ensure that ACU provides adequate protection to its information systems, processes and data by ensuring 1) that only those that have a need to access these systems have the appropriate credentials to do so and 2) that the accounts of those who no longer have a need to access ACU’s information systems are terminated.


This policy applies to employees of the university, faculty, staff, students and other constituencies, including friends, Board of Trustees, visiting faculty and others.  Other policy statements must be considered before terminating an account since, in some cases, an individual may continue their relationship with the university even though they are no longer a have a well defined relationship to the university.


  • Terminated – the account can no longer be accessed by the owner.  In some cases, it will mean deletion of the account and all access credentials.  In other cases, it will simply mean modifying a password so that the account is no longer accessible.
  • Employees
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff


The amount of time accounts remain active depends on the type of relationship an individual has the university.  Once the relationship between an individual and the university is completed because of graduation, termination, transfer, retirement or for other reasons, accounts will be terminated based on the following schedule.


Accounts for employees will be terminated after 90 days from the last day of employment with the university.  The PEAEMPL, Employee Status field in Banner will be accepted as the source of authority for determining when employees accounts should be deactivated. 

Human Resource’s practice is that employees are considered active until their PEAEMPL, Employee Status record is set to Terminated or another value that indicates they are no longer employees of the university.  Because of issues with pay stubs and other information needed after termination, it is the practice of Human Resources to allow these accounts to persist for an additional 90 days after employment has ceased.

Exceptions to this policy include employees that are terminated immediately.  In these cases, access to accounts will also be terminated immediately and will not persist for the 90 days outlined in this policy.  If access to pay stub or other information is needed after termination, individuals will need to contact Human Resources to obtain that information.

Additionally, accounts for retirees may persist beyond the 90-day window if Human Resources sees fit to allow this exception so long as use of that account does not violate any of the guidelines as specified in the Acceptable Use of Technology policy.


Provides any necessary or relevant information that was not covered in any of the other sections, such as forms or special instructions.
The following individuals or offices should be notified prior to implementing changes to this policy:  Human Resources; CIO; The Executive Director of Information Technology; Director of Computing Services; Director of Technology Support Services; Director of Enterprise Infrastructure.