University Cell Phone Information

University Cell Phone Information

Cell phones may be provided to employees to improve customer service, enhance business efficiency, and provide safety and/or security while on required business travel.  All new cell phones must be approved using the form above.  

Device Support

Abilene Christian University mobile device support is provided specifically for the iPhone/iPod touch. Support for this devices covers software installation, setting up email preferences, syncing your calendar, modifying device preferences, and helping to troubleshoot non-functioning hardware.

Note: Although the iPhone and iPod touch are not the only models available, they are the only devices supported by ACU Technology Support.  Please keep this in mind when purchasing a phone or mobile device.

Directory Assistance

We have discovered a number you can call to get FREE Directory Assistance calls. Just call 1-800-FREE411 (1-800-373-3411). You can get the same directory assistance and save your budget some money. Program this number into your speed dial and use it for free directory assistance.

Google Calendar/Email

Visit the iPhone manual page to learn more about this process. If you are using an android device, visit the Android device page for details on how to setup your email account.