Computer Warranty Information

Each computer purchased through the Computer Replacement Program (CRP) has a three year warranty. With the first cycle extending to four years, these warranties will expire before new ones are purchased. Employees are asked to check the warranty expiration date so that any known issues or problems can be repaired before the warranty expires. If you are still covered under warranty and notice any computer related problem with your machine, please call the Helpdesk so that a technician can service your machine while under warranty.

For Dell computers:

  • To check your computer's warranty expiration date, you will need the service tag located on the back panel of your desktop or bottom of your laptop. (Look for a small white rectangular label that mentions "Service tag:" and a 7 alpha-numeric ID number.)
  • Visit the Dell website to enter the Service tag number and press "Continue".
  • Two items will be displayed. The first line is warranty for the first year, the second line is the extended warranty for two years. Look at the date in the second row.

For Apple computer:

  • To check your computer's warranty expiration date, you will need the serial number located on the back panel of your Mac or on the bottom of your laptop.
  • Visit the Apple coverage website.
  • Enter your serial number and press "Continue". The Mac machines were bought with an extended warranty also.

If a problem exists with a computer out of warranty the CRP will repair the machine at no cost to the department as long as it is the original CRP computer assigned to that employee. However, any computer not bought under the CRP program will only be repaired if it is under warranty. Once a non-CRP computer is out of warranty no service will be provided by Information Technology. It is recommended that any known computer problems be reported and repaired before the expiration date to save University resources.