AT&T Discounts

As an ACU faculty/staff member, you are eligible for a 15% discount on your personal AT&T phone bill. Please visit the following site to sign up for this discount with AT&T. In order to sign-up for the discount you will need to click on the Discount Registration link in the center of the page. Use your ACU email address to sign-up.

 Questions about this discount or when it will take affect on your bill need to be directed to AT&T.

Personal Computer Discounts

Special ACU Dell Pricing

ACU faculty/staff can receive up to 12% off of Dell Home Sales regular prices year-round through the Dell Employee Purchase Program. Click on the link below to be directed to our partner site with Dell. Member ID: US32261252

  • Dell Store
  • Receive a 2-6% discount on all Dimension™ and Inspiron™ systems based on the level of system you choose
  • Double your discount, up to 12%, by extending your protection to 3 or 4-year At Home Service.
  • EPP discounts taken on top of most generally advertised Dell Home Sales prices and promotions (some consumer special offers and coupons may be excluded)
  • Discounted 3-5 day shipping with any system purchase
    24-hour Dell hardware telephone technical support

Special ACU Apple Pricing

Apple provides discounts to higher education for variety of products.  Since you are a university employee you can take advantage of some of these special prices.  Simply click on the link below to be redirected to our partner site with Apple.

Should I get a desktop or laptop?

If the things that you do on your personal computer often require you to be mobile, then a laptop is the best option. However, desktop computers are usually less expensive and are less likely to be stolen if left alone.