Miscellaneous Services

Faxing Services

  • 50 states only
  • $0.38 per page to send, $0.16 per page to receive
  • We will include a complimentary coversheet for you.

University Park Line Lease

If you are a student at UP and would like a phone for your apartment, we provide phone lines. Please give us a call at (325) 674-2990 to get the line set up. If it is after business hours, please call Team55 at (325) 674-5555.

We Can Charge to a Department FOAP

For those campus departments that need some help getting large jobs done, we are more than happy to charge to a FOAP. Just bring the number by when you drop off the job and we will charge your account upon pick up.

Copy Cards

We offer reloadable Copy Cards that can be used on the self-service copiers throughout the library. Preloaded $5 and $10 cards can be purchased, as can cards with a custom amount. These cards provide a reduced cost per page.

ACU Name Badges 

ACU I.D. Badges can be ordered by filling out the form below and cost $10 each. ACU I.D. badges are printed and assembled within The ACU Copycat - production times vary depending on holidays and store closures, however, average wait times are two business days from order submission to completion. If you have any issues or problems with your ACU I.D. badge at any point - please contact the CopyCat at 325-674-2990 or email us at copycat@acu.edu.