Your Technology on Campus

Residential Halls and UP Apartments:
Each room comes furnished with ethernet ports, phone ports, and coaxial ports (for cable TV). Also, residence halls have access to the ACUwireless network, and UP apartments do not currently have access to the wireless network. Here are a few instructions for getting technology in your on-campus residence to work:

Accessing Wireless: 
Connect to the network named ACUwireless, and open a web browser. Note: Do not access ACUguest, as that is for people not affiliated with ACU. When you try to navigate to a page (like trying to get to Google) , you should be automatically redirected to our registration page, Once you log in using your ACU username and password (the same information that you would use to login to MyACU), you should wait until until you are redirected to the page you tried to access, and then your device has been successfully registered!

Wireless Devices:
It is important that you avoid using any technology in your residence that broadcasts a wireless network, as that network can interfere with ACUwireless. This includes routers, wireless printers, and some wireless storage devices. If you have a wireless printer, we ask that you disable the wireless functionality and use a USB printer cable. 

Important: Team55 will not help a student setup a router. We recommend that you instead use an ethernet hub or ethernet switch to connect multiple devices to the wired network. Bluetooth devices and wireless peripherals (mouse, keyboard, headset) do not interfere with ACUwireless, and are acceptable.

Accessing Ethernet: 
The process is the same as for accessing wireless, but instead of accessing ACUwireless, you simply need to connect the device to an ethernet port. Note: You will have to register your device on the wireless and on the wired network individually.

Cable TV:
Connect your TV to the port using your own coaxial cable. Navigate through your TV's menu and tell it to scan for channels. Once the scan is complete, you should have access to our cable channels. For more instructions and a listing of our channels, please navigate to our Cable TV Tutorial

Other Internet Devices:
Some devices (like internet streaming devices or some game consoles) use your internet connection but do not have a web browser. These devices can be registered on our network by clicking the Network Registration link on the right side of our website while on your computer. You will need to type the device's Physical Address (also called the MAC address, or MAC-layer address) into the registration page. Instructions on how to find your device's Physical Address may be listed on the registration page under the link "Find Your MAC Address", or you may consult the device's user manual.

Landline Phones:
Please look at our On-Campus Landlines tutorial

ACU AT&T Discount:
As an ACU student, you are eligible for a 10% discount on your personal AT&T phone bill. Please visit the following site to sign up for this discount with AT&T. In order to sign-up for the discount you will need to click on the Discount Registration link in the center of the page. Use your ACU email address to sign-up.

 Questions about this discount or when it will take affect on your bill need to be directed to AT&T.