What is Files?

“Files” is the file storage system that is available to all ACU employees and students. It is a safe way to access and share files whether you are on-campus or off-campus. It is secure and protects your data. It is accessible from any computer platform.

How do I open a document?

To open or save (to your desktop) a file or folder, double click the selected file. You can also right-click the file and choose “Open in Browser”.

How do I edit a document?

Navigate to the document you want to edit. Right-click the document and save the document to your desktop. Once you’ve saved the files to your local hard drive, you can edit it, save changes, and upload the file back to “Files”. The system will ask you if you want to replace the existing file or not.

How do I upload a new file to my account?

  • You can add a new file to your account by clicking the Upload button.
  • Navigate to the folder in which you wish to upload your file(s).
  • Click on the "Upload" button in the navigation toolbar.
  • Choose the file you wish to upload.
  • To upload 1 file, either type in the exact path or browse to find the file.
  • Recommended Feature: To upload multiple files, switch to the Advanced Upload option. You can use the drag and drop feature to copy files into the Advanced Upload window.
  • Click "Start Upload".

How do I, as a student, send my assignments to my professor?

Once you have completed your assignment, log in to myACU and click “Files” and click the “Courses” tab. Select the Dropbox folder and click the “Upload” button on the toolbar. Select the document from your hard drive and click “Start Upload”.

How do I let someone else edit my file?

In order for someone else to edit your file, they must have write permission on that file. There are several ways in which someone else can be granted write permission on your file. The appropriate method to use for granting such permission depends on what type of user that other person is.

If the person you wish to edit your file is another “Files” user (ACU employee or Student), you may grant specific write permission to that person through the file's Sharing permissions.

If the person you wish to edit your file is not an ACU user, you may issue that person a write-permission ticket for the specific file.

How do I link to another folder?

If someone else grants you read access to their folder, you may create a direct link to that folder using your Bookmarks. A Bookmark is defined as a shortcut to your folder or another user's folder for which you have permission to access.

Is there a way for me to find out every time someone edits a certain file?

You can be notified when a file has been edited by using Subscriptions. Subscriptions give users the ability to request to be notified via email when files or folders, to which that user has read access, are viewed or changed. Select the file, right-click on it and choose subscriptions. By subscribing to a document you are emailed every time the document is modified.

How do I create a personal web site?

All ACU employees and students have a Web space to create a personal webpage. Your address will be

Everything located in the Web folder in your ACU Files space will show up on your personal webpage at  You will need to create the html code and save your files to the Web folder in order for your personal website to start working.

NOTE: The files you place in the web folder are accessible publicly!

If you have questions about creating an html page please visit this html tutorial.

How do I mount the web folder so I can upload my html files?

Windows Users:

  • Click on My Computer
  • Click on Tools in the menu bar and select Map Network Drive
  • Choose a drive letter and type in \\\users
  • Click Finish
  • Double click on the folder with your username.
  • Double click on the folder called Web and add your html files to that folder.

Macintosh Users:

  • Click on "Go" in the menubar and enter
  • Now click connect.
  • Enter your username and password and click connect.
  • Double click on the folder with your username.
  • Double click on the folder called Web and add your html files to that folder.