Basic Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing an issue and want to try and fix it yourself, here are some general steps and tips we follow here at Team55:

Symptoms: I cannot login; it brings up the wrong page in the web browser.

  • When logging into myACU, make sure you are not including after your username
  • Try using a different browser. If the problem persists between browsers, it is most likely being caused by a process on the computer, a network issue, or a password issue.
  • Try clearing your temporary internet files, and then restart the web browser. The title and location for these files varies between browsers, but the files are typically titled "cookies", "cache", and/or "temporary internet files" and located in the "privacy" or "history" menus. Make sure to clear the files as far back as possible.

Symptoms: The information is there, but the program is displaying it incorrectly.

  • Make sure the program is up to date. Click "software update" (for Mac) in the apple menu, or check "Windows Updates" (for Windows) in the control panel.

Symptoms: I cannot access the internet at all on campus.

  • Try disconnecting from the network and reconnecting. Make sure you reconnect to ACUwireless, or that your ethernet cable is again connecting completely. If nothing changes, try rebooting.

Symptoms: My computer starts up like a snail and runs even slower.

  • On a Mac:
    • With finder selected, go to the "Go" menu and select "Utilities".
    • Open the option named "Disk Utility".
    • Select your hard drive on the left (commonly titled "Macintosh HD").
    • Click the button that says "Verify Disk Permissions". this can take 5 to 30 minutes (or more, depending on the computer).
    • Once that completes, you should be able to click the "Repair Disk Permissions" button if it found anything that needs fixing.
    • Once that is complete, restart the computer.
  • On Windows:
    • Open the start menu and select "Computer"
    • At the top of the page, select "Uninstall or change a program"
    • Work through the list of programs, deleting any programs that you do not use or that do not have a listed publisher. (Be Careful! there will be a large number of programs that you do not recognize that are related to the drivers for your hardware, and deleting them could make something no longer work. Stick to the ones that have no publisher, and if you aren't sure, look online)
    • Close that window.
    • Open the start menu and search for MSConfig. Open the one program that matches.
    • Select the "Startup" tab
    • Go through the list of programs and de-select programs that you do not need to have start when the computer turns on. (Tip: There will be a large number of items that are not familiar, and many of them are related to device drivers and should be left enabled. Only disable programs that you recognize and don't need at startup, like Skype or Spotify, or programs that have a manufacturer listed as "unknown")
    • Restart the computer

If the problem isn't listed here, you are unsure about anything, or need more information, you can try searching online for an answer. Generally, the most helpful solutions are on tech support forums (not yahoo answers) and that people replied to saying "it worked!" or that continued with other steps.

And of course, at any time throughout these processes if you want assistance, please contact Team55.