Abilene Christian University Information Services Operational Policy

Virus Protection for the ACU Campus

Responsible Office
Technology Support Services

Faculty, Staff, and Students

As of October 1, 2003, all computers on the ACU campus will be required to have virus protection actively installed on their computer. Currently, ACU has deployed the newest version of Sophos, an anti-virus application. Once a computer has been infected, the computer will no longer be able to access ACU’s network and access will remain terminated until the viruses and/or worms have been properly cleaned.

Overview of Issue
Virus protection is essential to maintain efficiency and productivity on ACU’s network. Viruses and worms can result in widespread interruption of the data network and halt the campus users ability to work. Virus protection has been successful in detecting a large percentage of the most destructive viruses and worms.

Change Control
Revisions to this policy must be reviewed and approved by the CIO Cabinet.

Notification Tree
The following individuals or offices should be notified prior to implementing changes to this policy: CIO Cabinet.

Effective Date: October 1, 2003
Expiration Date: None
Review Date: December 7, 2007

Policy Owner
Director, Technology Support Services