Online Student Services

As a student at ACU, you have access to MyACU, an acu e-mail address, ACU files, your student records, and most other services provided by Google.

Get Your Account Information

Once you are accepted to the University, a specific username and password is created so you can log into all of the technology services that ACU provides.  Get your account information at this form:

If you do not know your ACU ID/Banner ID or have any other difficulty accessing your account, please contact Team55. Our contact information is on the right side of this website.


MyACU is the central hub for a student's online tools. All of your courses are listed there, as well as an overview of your account balances, campus advertisements, and useful links. Along the top of the page are links to your ACU Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Sites, ACU Files, and Banner.

In the list of your current courses, there will be any course tools that your instructors have created for your classes(like an OpenClass or class files). For video tutorials on how to use OpenClass, go here.  Always consult with your instructor first with questions about your specific class tool. If your instructor cannot resolve an issue with the tool then the instructor may refer you to Team55.

ACU Files

ACU files is an online file storage service available to students. You can upload your files and download the files. This is similar to Google Drive, but does not allow editing on the stored version. To edit a file, you would have to download it, make your edits, and then upload and replace the file. This makes it less useful than Google Drive for personal files, but professors may use the dropbox folder that uses ACU Files, allowing many students to turn in an assignment into one central place, while protecting the privacy of their assignment. For a more detailed description of how to use files, please go to this webpage:
Files Tutorial

Google Services (mail, calendar, etc.)

For help with using any Google service, please refer to the Google help site.


The banner link will take you to Self-Service Banner (Banner SSB), where you can access your student records or change some specific student information. Each link in banner is titled with it's own function or has a description immediately below it. If you need help with accessing or using Banner SSB, feel free to contact Team55. If you need help with changing your ACU account information, then you should contact the Depot at 325-674-2300.