Computers on Campus

What is available on campus?

There are many computers available to students to use in the Library on the main floor, in the Learning Commons. Students can log into these Mac and Windows computers using their ACU credentials. Also, Team55 has laptops for students to check out for use in the library, after agreeing to the Checkout Laptop agreement, available at the Team55 Pitstop.

There are several computer labs on campus, managed by the various departments. Many of these will be maintained for use by students in that specific department, and have limited access to majors only. Please be in contact with your department for which labs you can access.

What Other Technology Would Be Helpful?

  • A personal computer. A laptop will be more convenient than a desktop.
  • An Ethernet cable.
  • A USB Flash drive to move files between computers.
  • A personal printer in case you want to print in your room instead of in the labs.
  • Microsoft Office so you can write papers and open documents from your professors.

For more information about what a student should bring to campus, see the Your Technology On Campus page.