Driver Training Videos

Please note the following regarding video playback: 

  • Each video is only playable in Windows on Internet Explorer.
  • The videos do not have auto-play functionality; the play button must be pushed for the video to start. 
  • When the play button is pushed, the video starts buffering (or loading); this buffering period lasts up to a minute or more before playback begins.


Routine drivers will be required to complete the web-based Driving Safely defensive driver course. All employees and volunteers who are authorized to operate passenger vans for University sponsored activities will also be required to complete the Van Driver Certification Program.

Passenger van drivers must be completed the Van Driver Certification Program prior to operating a university-owned, leased, or rented passenger van. The program will consist of a web-based Passenger Van Safety training course and a driving proficiency assessment which will be administered by the Safety Manager. Contact the Risk Management office at 674-2363 to schedule a driving assessment.