Loop Line: Phase II

The heating and cooling in most of the buildings on the ACU campus runs through a closed loop piping system which utilizes a central distribution point called the Central Plant. This is the building located between the Bible Building and the Business Building. Inside this building are large energy efficient chillers and boilers that cool and heat water. This conditioned water is then sent to various buildings on campus through the closed loop system which is made up of four buried pipes. The building will then use this water to heat or cool the building. 

The original loop was over forty years old and had exceeded its useful life expectancy. Given continual growth of ACU combined with normal deterioration of the piping, that loop no longer met the needs of our campus. Phase I replaced the main loop with a new loop system that will meet the needs of ACU well into the future. 

It is now time to begin Phase II of the chilled and hot water distribution upgrade.