Insurance Procedures

The university routinely engages in activities and enters into contracts with other parties that may create risk for ACU.  The nature of the activities must be evaluated to ensure that the parties to the contract adequately address the risk, obtain appropriate insurance, and provide the other party proof of insurance.  For more information regarding insurance requirements for contracts, see the University Contracting Procedures web page.

The recommended insurance provisions are prescribed in the Facilities Use Agreement and Services Contract and the Office of Risk Management will review any necessary certificates of insurance before execution of a contract.

If the other party does not have insurance for an event, you may want to refer them to the Tenant-User Liability Insurance Policy TULIP website which provides the required Liability insurance for users of university owned facilities that do not otherwise carry that insurance.  Review the Insurance Procedures and Requirements to obtain additional information on TULIP.

If ACU is required to provide proof of insurance, the Office of Risk Management will review the request and obtain any necessary certificates of insurance or documentation.

If there is any doubt as to the need for insurance by either ACU or another party, or if you have any questions regarding insurance coverage, contact the Office of Risk Management by email at or at 325-674-2363.