Claims Procedures

All inquiries or requests for payment or reimbursement of expenses related to claims or settlements should be referred to the Office of Risk Management.  Any accident or incident resulting in injury/illness or damage to ACU’s or another person’s property should be reported as soon as possible by emailing or calling 325-674-2363.

When an accident/incident occurs on campus, all necessary actions should be taken to make the scene safe but do not remove any objects or clean the area until notified by ACU Police or the Office of Risk Management.  This is necessary to allow for the scene to be photographed and investigated.

Do not make any statements regarding ACU’s responsibility, fault, or willingness to pay for any damages or injuries as a result of an accident.

The Office of Risk Management will compile statements, witness accounts, photographs, and other applicable documentation to prepare a written report providing details and circumstances surrounding the accident.

Refer to the Accidents and Injuries Policy to obtain additional guidance on response, reporting, and documentation procedures.