Warehouse Stock Information


The Warehouse is stocked with a few commonly used items. These include drinks, copy paper, tissues, paper towels, breakroom supplies. A full list of current items can be found on Banner form FTMCOMM. Emailed orders are delivered daily. All requests for stores orders should be made by emailing stores order form located on myACU quicklinks. 


  1. Log into Banner.
  2. From Direct Access type FTMCOMM.
  3. Hit Enter.
  4. Click on the triangle next to the Commodity Code field to start your search.
  5. Execute a query by clicking on the questions mark (?) in red on the tool bar above or go up to the word Query and choose enter from the drop down menu.
  6. Tab to the Description field.
  7. Type in a description for the item you are trying to find.  Keep in mind the system is case sensitive.  For example, if you are looking for a type of envelope type in the following: %Envelope% then hit the F8 key. (You can also go to Query from the tool bar and choose execute from the drop down list). The system will search for all commodities that have the word Envelope anywhere in the description.  Note:  the % is a wild card character that tells Banner that you want to search for something.
  8. Find the specific items from the list which will appear from your query, be sure to note the stock number (i.e. S29600 for regular copy paper).
  9. If you have difficulty navigating this form or have questions about current stock quantities or pricing please contact University Procurement at purchasing@acu.edu or call 674-2246 for assistance.