Vendor Selection

Recommended Vendors
You are free to choose the vendor for your purchase; however, we do recommend certain vendors in a variety of purchasing categories.  We highly recommend you give them a try.

  • Enterprise
  • Staples
  • La Quinta
  • Wyndham Group Hotels
  • UPS
  • Residence Inn

Vendor Criteria
We consider five topics to be important when recommending a vendor:

  • Price
    We want to purchase materials and services at prices that are competitive. Fairness will be determined by competition.
  • Quality 
    We purchase products of the highest quality we can afford.
  • Service
    We appreciate real service. We expect information that is accurate and factual. Furthermore, once an agreement has been made with ACU to deliver a product or a service, we expect our suppliers to honor their commitments.
  • Performance
    Evidence of the right price, quality, and service will be demonstrated by performance. We prefer long-term relationships to sporadic "good deals." A new vendor will be required to make significant improvements in price, quality or service, before we change from an existing supplier.
  • Value 
    Many factors are considered with respect to value (i.e. price and quality). Ultimately, a representative of the university will determine the value of a product or service to ACU. As a result, considerations other than price may determine the outcome of a particular purchase. 

Purchasing From the Same Vendors 
By buying together from the same vendors, we can develop a better relationship with that vendor. The greater the volume, the better the pricing and the more likely that the vendor will be willing to go out of their way to solve a problem.

Selecting Your Own Vendors
If you are choosing your own vendor, we recommend that you check as many sources as possible to assure optimal price, quality and delivery.


University Purchasing has evaluated opportunities to leverage the overall expenses of the university.  We are pleased to recommend Enterprise, LaQuinta, Residence Inn, Wyndham Hotel Group, Staples and UPS as the preferred vendors for your business and personal needs.

These vendors offer exceptional rates with a high level of service and convenience.  These services are not just for ACU business but are also available for faculty, staff, alumni, and student use.  Since our pricing is based on overall volume, campus wide participation is necessary to achieve the maximum discount from these programs.  We encourage all departments to start utilizing these amazing programs.

Each of these services has provided a user friendly web link to utilize and process your applications right from your office desk top by using your credit card (ACU PCard or personal credit card).  You can access these links by going to or and clicking on the individual link of your choice.

LaQuinta has provided us with membership cards and directories that will provide the phone numbers and pass codes needed to take advantage of these benefits to you.  Please notify University Procurement at or call 674-2246 for cards and directories.

We want to thank these companies for their generosity in contributing to our scholarship and endowment funds, as well as, offering ACU employees a corporate discount.