Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Occasionally, a cardholder will encounter problems that can be handled by themselves, by a p-card administrator, or by JP Morgan Chase.  

Card Denied  

There are occasions when a cardholder may attempt to purchase an item and the transaction will be denied. In most cases, the information regarding the reason for the denial will be available at the time the purchase is attempted. Some of the most common reasons for denial are:

  1. The purchase amount is greater than the cardholder’s available limit. In this case, please see Increase Your Limit section for more details.
  2. The vendor’s card reader is not working properly. In this case, please request that the vendor phone the bank for authorization.
  3. The vendor asked for the billing address and the information provided by the cardholder does not match what is on file with JP Morgan Chase.
  4. The cardholder has not activated his/her p-card.
  5. The vendor is classified under a merchant category code (MCC) that is blocked from use.
  6. On phone orders, the vendor has incorrectly noted the card number and/or expiration date.
  7. The transmission between the vendor and JP Morgan Chase is down. The vendor should attempt the transaction later.
  8. Your card has been placed on hold due to unusual activity. See the Fraud & Security section for more details.

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Locked Transaction  

When reallocating your charges to the correct FOAP and inputting expense descriptions in SDOL (JP Morgan’s Smart Data On-Line website) each month, cardholders should checkmark the box under Cardholder Reviewed. This will lock the transaction and prevent further editing. If you need to change a FOAP or description for a locked transaction, please call a p-card administrator to unlock the charge.

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Forgot Password or Security Answer  

If you have forgotten your password, please click the Forgot Password link in SDOL (JP Morgan’s Smart Data On-Line website) after you have made an attempt to log in. If you have maxed out your attempts to log in, please contact a p-card administrator. You will be given a temporary password and will be prompted to reset it once you have successfully logged in.

If you have forgotten an answer to one of the security questions, please contact a p-card administrator. He/she will be able to delete the answer to the last question asked.

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Billing Discrepancies & Returns  

Cardholders are responsible for resolving discrepancies with the vendor and requesting that any credit or additional charges be generated for the next billing cycle. If the cardholder is unable to resolve the discrepancy, he/she must fully document the situation and process a dispute form, which can be received by contacting JP Morgan Chase. Disputes must be submitted to JP Morgan Chase within 60 days of the original transaction date.

When you have returned an item, you are responsible for assuring that a credit appears on a future date. When the credit appears, the cardholder should post the credit to the same FOAP that the original charge was posted to.

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Lost or Stolen Card  

If a p-card has been lost or stolen, the cardholder must immediately contact JP Morgan Chase and University Purchasing to have the account closed and a replacement card issued.  A replacement card should arrive within 7 to 10 business days after the replacement request. If the original p-card is found after it has been replaced, the cardholder should cut up the original p-card and trash it. Continue to look over all of your transactions and report any discrepancies.

Helpful information needed:

  1. Cardholder name
  2. P-card account number
  3. Estimated date that the card was lost or stolen
  4. List of the last transactions made

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Increase Your Limit  

Whether a cardholder needs a temporary, permanent, or emergency credit limit increase, a Purchasing Card Credit Increase Request will have to be completed and submitted to University Purchasing. If an emergency credit limit increase is needed, please call University Purchasing to expedite. The following are common types of problems and the type of increase needed:

Problem Increase Needed
I am out of state at a conference and have had some unexpected expenses. Emergency
This month, I am going to be refurnishing our office and need a little extra credit. Temporary
My department head has decided that I should do all of the purchasing for our office. Permanent

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