Department P-Card

Business Purpose: Department p-cards are used by the university for the purpose of departments purchasing supplies for university departments.

Policy: Department cards are governed by the purchasing card policy.

Responsible Individual: Departmental cards are maintained by a responsible individual who is designated by the department supervisor. The responsible individual for each card maintains allocations, provides receipts for transactions, and is able to provide the business purpose for all purchases. Responsible individuals of department p-cards must be employees of the university.

Please note: If the responsible individual is no longer able to fulfill their obligations, a new responsible individual must be named by submitting the Department P-Card Change Close Request form to accounts payable. All new responsible individuals will need to pass the p-card test before taking on responsibility for the card.

Card Security: The responsible individual must keep the card in a safe place where the card can be locked up when not in use. Please ensure that a spreadsheet is kept for individuals to keep track of what individuals have the card as well as record of transaction activity by user. This can easily be accomplished through use of a shared google sheet between individuals access to the card.

Limit Change(s): Please use the department Department Limit Change form for these purposes.

New Department Card(s): Please consider the intended business purpose of departmental cards prior to requesting a new department p-card. If a department p-card is needed, please fill out the attached Department P-Card Application.

Closure: Please notify accounts payable as soon as possible if a card needs to be closed. Please use the Department P-Card Close Change Request form for these purposes.

Online Payments: When making purchases online, you will want to use the department name as the purchaser. If you are unable to fill in the business name, please try submitting the payment under your own name. Anyone who has checked out the departmental card for use would use their name when making purchases online.

Department Card Signers: The signature for purchases made at the point of sale would be that of the individual making the purchase. They will sign their name when making purchases with the departmental card.

P-Card Forms