Visiting Committee Program

The Visiting Committee program was established in January 1983 with four committees.  These committees began a rich history that continues today and impacts teaching and learning at Abilene Christian University.  Since those early years, the Visiting Committee program has grown to 28 committees involving all academic departments and several academic support areas.  Committees conduct a one or two day annual visit.  During the visit they follow  a well-defined agenda.

A standard committee configuration has three members representing each of the following areas:

  • Academician: active in the dicipline
  • Practitioner: educated and employed in the area or discipline
  • User: an employer of practitioners in the discipline


Following each visit, the committee writes a report which is distributed to the ACU President, the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, senior administrators, and the department chair or area director.  In turn, each chair/director writes a response to the report and it is distributed similarly.

For more information regarding the Visiting Committee Program, please email Tom Milholland.

Visiting Committee Forms