Outcomes Assessment Report

  1. As part of our ongoing commitment to quality improvement, every department and unit in the university completes the annual assessment plan.  This plan contains sections related to our mission, objectives and outcomes evaluated during the cycle, measurements both direct and/or indirect, data analysis, and a continuous improvement plan.
  2. Each department or unit is assigned its own workspace in our software system TaskStream.  The department head / unit manager has password protected access to the workspace.  Workspaces are viewable by deans / supervisors and above for respective areas.  Below are important sections of the TaskStream training and assessment plan process.
    1. How to obtain your ID and password (or retrieve one forgotten).
    2. Start Up training modules for TaskStream.  These are also great resources to refresh your memory.
    3. Updates to the TaskStream instructions
      1. 2010-2011 Assessment Plan
  3. The cycle for each Assessment Plan follows the same general format and timing.
    1. You can edit, add, and delete items in the Standing Requirements at any time (Mission, Student Learning Outcomes / Program Outcomes, Operational Outcomes, Research, Visiting Committee, and Curriculum Map/Activity Map).
    2. It is always helpful to begin developing your Assessment Plan in the fall semester so that appropriate measures can be deployed and data collected.
    3. By the first of May at the latest, data should be collected and analyzed.  These data are entered into the Findings section of the Assessment Plan.
    4. Research items are collected for the academic year supporting the Quality Enhancement Plan and the Office of Undergraduate Education.
    5. Visiting Committee materials are attached.
    6. Finally, the Continuous Improvement Plan is developed for all objectives and outcomes included in the current Assessment Plan.
  4. Each workspace is reviewed by two independent evaluators and those results are forwarded to the workspace manager.  Deans / supervisors and above have access to review and comment on workspaces related to her/his area of responsibility.


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