1. Who is eligible to receive VA Benefits?    

Benefits eligibility questions are fundamentally the responsibility of the Veterans Administration. Questions about qualifications, amounts of benefit and months of eligibility may be directed to the VA website or by calling 1-888-442-4551.

2. Is Academic Credit for my Military Training possible?    

As a member of the Service Members Opportunity College Organization, students may request the ACU Registrar's Office to have their military training evaluated. The suggestions offered by the American Council on Education are followed as they apply to ACU's degrees and ACU transfer policy. Vocational or graduate school credit will not be awarded. Recently discharged service persons may request transcripted work from the following organizations:

ARMY - Order an official AARTS (Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript) transcript from http://aarts.army.mil.  

AIR FORCE - Request transcript help for an official CCAF (Community College of the Air Force) transcript from the Office of the Registrar, 130 West, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama 36112 or a base Educational Service Office before leaving the Air Force.

NAVY, MARINE CORPS and COAST GUARD - Order an official transcript - SMART (Sailor/Marine ACE Registry Transcript) - from https://smart.cnet.navy.mil

3. How do I get started?    

Secure an appointment with ACU's VA Certification Officer, Aaron Hastings, by emailing him at aaron.hastings@acu.edu or by calling (325)674-2236 and bring with you any pertinent documentation, VA forms or related correspondence from the VA. Complete the Veterans Information Sheet (VIS) and arrange for a degree plan to be placed in your ACU veterans file. Enroll in approved classes and then notify the VA Certification officer to file you for VA benefits.

4. What forms are required?    

All - except Chapter 31: A Veterans Information Sheet (VIS) is required each semester.

Chapter 35:

  • VA application Form 22-5490 is required if it has not been filed directly with the VA for the initial certification of Chapter 35 students.
  • VA Form 22-5495 is required if transferring to ACU from another school where VA benefits were claimed or when changing education programs at ACU. A birth certificate may be required in some instances by the VA.


Chapters 30, 1606 and 1607:

  • VA Form 22-1990 is required when initially applying for benefits under the MGIB. It may be completed online with the VA. There is a place to designate Chapter 30, or reservist (1606) on the form. Those who claim 1607 status may write in that chapter.
  • Chapter 1606 Reservists also will need a signed NOBE DD-2384-1 from their unit.
  • Chapter 30 vets need to supply a Form DD-214. Copies will be made to mail to Muskogee for certification.
  • VA Form 22-1995 is required if transferring to ACU from another school where VA benefits were claimed or when changing education programs at ACU.

5. What is the Hazelwood Act?    

The Hinson-Hazelwood Act is a tuition benefit for Texas veterans who have exhausted all their other VA entitlement and who are registered at public institutions of higher education in Texas. VA students who attend ACU are not eligible for this program, as ACU is a private institution.