Faculty Handbook

We, the faculty of Abilene Christian University, consider ourselves a community of Christian scholars dedicated to equipping our students to live integrated, Christ-centered lives of service and leadership.

Through our example, our instruction, and the environment we provide in classrooms and on campus, we try to motivate students to love learning and to pursue truth throughout their lives.

Our goal is to see that our students combine their Christian faith, their professional commitment, and a broad range of human knowledge into a coherent worldview which recognizes the interrelatedness of all parts of God’s universe.

Our goals are based on Christian values. We believe in God as Creator; Jesus, His Son, as Savior and Lord; and the Holy Spirit as Comforter indwelling the Body of Christ, His Church. We believe in the Bible as God’s inspired Word, and all truth as God’s truth.

We view the student as unique, made in the image of God; the family as a God-ordained institution; and the world community as the context for our professional and spiritual service.

We consider teaching a calling from God and a ministry for Christ, demanding excellence within our disciplines.

We believe that our actions should be guided by integrity, love, and respect for individual and cultural diversity. We believe in protecting individual freedom of conscience and, at the same time, in encouraging one another to meet mutual goals and responsibilities.

The Abilene Christian University Faculty Handbook is available behind a log-on at 
my.acu.edu under QUICKLINKS.


Chapter 1 

Faculty Mission, Shared Governance, Faculty Definition and Voting Responsibilities, Faculty Responsibility for the Academic Program, Faculty Committees

Chapter 2

Faculty Employment Policies

Chapter 3

University Organization Orientation to the Academic Life

Chapter 4

Orientation to the Academic Life, University Support for Faculty



Appendix A

Constitution of the Faculty Senate

Appendix B

Descriptions of Academic Councils

Appendix C

Descriptions of Standing Committees & Qualifications for Membership

Appendix D

Descriptions of Advisory Committees & Qualifications for Membership

Appendix E

Tenure & Promotion Policy