University Undergraduate Academic Council

Administrative Officer(s)

  • Chair: Susan Lewis, Vice Provost
Faculty by College Expirations Replacing
Arts and Sciences    
Michael Daugherity (STEM) 2020 Greg Powell
Deb Williams (Arts & Humanities) 2019 Vernon Williams
David McAnulty (Social Sciences)* fall 2016/spring 2017 Paul Lakey
Biblical Studies    
Rodney Ashlock 2020 Vic McCracken
Business Administration    
Ian Shepherd 2018 Don Pope
Education and Human Services    
Stephanie Hamm 2020 Sam Stewart
Paul Roggendorff 2020 Sheila Jones
Mikee Delony 2020 Cindy Roper
Sam Stewart 2020 Charlie Pruett

*replacement for Cheryl Bacon

Ex-officio Members (non-voting)

  • Open, Graduate Council
  • Eric Gumm - Registrar
  • Tim Head - Chair, Faculty Senate
  • Berlin Fang - Adams Center

Students (2)