Disciplinary Review Board

Administrative Officer(s)

  • Chair: Kenneth R. Pybus, Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Vice Chair: Curt Niccum, Associate Professor of Bible, Missions and Ministry
  • General Counsel: Slade Sullivan
  • Vice President and Dean of Student Life: Chris Riley
Faculty by College Expiration Replacing
Arts and Sciences    
Jennifer Huddleston 2020 Garry Bailey
Jack Maxwell 2019 Brian Cavitt
Suzie Macaluso 2018 John Casada
Cherisse Flanagan 2018 Kristina Davis
Joyce Haley 2018 Ronnie Rama
Biblical Studies    
Mindi Thompson 2018 Mindi Thompson
Kilnam Cha 2018 Robert Oglesby
Business Administration    
Jonathan Stewart 2019 Terry Pope
Kyle Tippens 2018 Brian Burton
Education and Human Services    
Martha Smallwood 2019 Terry Baggs
Craig Churchill 2018 Melissa Atkinson
Denise Barnett 2020 Mark Phillips
Jeanine Varner 2019 Randy Harris
Patricia Hernandez 2018 Megan May


Students (14)