Transferring Credit

Interested in taking courses at ACU for dual credit? Learn more

ACU treats a dual credit course like any other transfer course. All rules that apply to transfer courses also apply to dual credit courses. Read information and policies about transferring work to ACU.

There is no limit to the number of dual credit courses which can be transferred to ACU. However, other rules that apply to transfer courses apply to dual credit as well. For example, students may not transfer more than 66 total hours from a two-year school, including both transfer and dual credit work. In addition, students must have at least 48 hours at ACU to receive a degree from ACU and 24 of those hours must be upper level (300-499 courses).

Some dual credit courses may not apply toward specific ACU degree requirements. For example, students taking more than the allotted number of social science courses or multiple math courses may find that some of those hours will count only as elective hours, which still count toward the degree, but not to specific requirements. The student's specific degree plan will determine how these courses might count toward degree progress.

ACU must have the official transcript from the college that issued the credit in order to post dual credit hours to your degree plan. ACU cannot award college credit from the high school transcript. The student will need to request the transcript from the college that issued the credit and have that transcript sent directly to ACU. The high school cannot request or send that transcript for you.