Travel Cardholder Responsibilities

  1. Ensure the proper and secure use of the p-card and respect the card as if it were their own.
  2. The cardholder may initiate transactions on behalf of others in his/her department; however, the cardholder is responsible for all use of his/her card.
  3. Ensure that sufficient budget funds exist for making purchases and only use FOAP numbers the cardholder is authorized for.
  4. Know and follow the travel card policy.
  5. On a per trip basis, use the Concur website to submit travel requests for approval two weeks prior to travel.
  6. On a per trip basis, use the Concur website to file travel expense reports, reallocating monthly charges.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. Ensure each transaction is a legitimate ACU business expense. If the expense is related to a federal, state, or private grant project, the supervisor must ensure that the expense is allowable under the grant. The supervisor’s electronic approval on the expense report shows approval of all transactions that have been made by the cardholder and that the expense is allowable for the grant project (if applicable).
  2. Ensure the cardholder(s) is abiding by the travel card policy.
  3. Ensure fraud does not occur by a cardholder, including a cardholder being reimbursed through other means such as a travel and entertainment expense report or request for payment for items purchased on their p-card or travel card.
  4. On Concursolutions.com, ensure the cardholder(s)/ travelers(s) is allocating their travel card transactions to appropriate FOAPs and providing the correct travel information.
  5. Ensure the travel cardholder(s) is providing complete requests for travel and expense reports on a timely basis.

Receiving a Card
If an employee would like to receive a travel card, it should first be discussed with the employee’s supervisor. If the supervisor determines that a travel card is needed, fill out the online Travel Card request form two weeks prior to travel. The card will be distributed to the traveler when received by ACU’s Travel department.

Once received, the travel cardholder is responsible for activating their p-card by calling the toll free number provided on the card. When logging in to SDGen2 (JP Morgan’s Smart Data website) for the first time, the cardholder’s user ID is the 16-digit card number. The cardholder will then be prompted to change his/her user ID and password.

Each travel card is issued to a named individual. Abilene Christian University is clearly displayed on the card, along with the text “ACU Travel”. The standard monthly credit limit is $5 and limit increases are requested on a per trip basis.