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On-Campus Confidential Support

The Medical and Counseling Care Center (MACCC) is located at the northwest entrance of the Royce & Pam Money Student Recreation and Wellness Center, next door to the Teague Special Events Center. Both medical and counseling services are available.

Confidential Advisers have been designated by the university to receive confidential reports regarding harassment without any obligation to forward the report internally to the Harassment Coordinators or law enforcement. They can provide you with options regarding reporting, resources, and walk with you through the process. 

Prentice Ashford
Director of Multicultural Affairs and Title IX Liaison

Shannon Kaczmarek
Director of Student Advocacy Services and Title IX Liaison



Dr. Jennifer Shewmaker
Executive Director of The Adams Center
Title IX Liaison


Off-Campus Confidential Support

Regional Victims Crisis Center
24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 325-677-7895


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