How to Report

Reporting Student Conduct Violations

Incident reports alleging violations of Student Conduct will be forwarded to Student Life from university officials and other members of the university community (including students, staff and faculty). If the university receives reports, complaints or other information possibly involving violations of the Student Handbook from local, state and federal agencies, they will be forwarded to Student Life for investigation. Most reports are initially referred to the Dean of Students for further investigation. 

Integrity violations that occur beyond the context of a particular course and in other campus offices are typically investigated and processed within the Office of Student Life. 

Report a violation of the sexual harassment and assault policy

Reporting Academic Integrity Violations

In many cases, Student Life may have a more holistic picture of the student’s conduct and behavior throughout the campus. Incidents of academic integrity violations in other departments, chapel integrity violations, disrespectful behavior towards others, and providing misleading information to other university authorities are typically located in the discipline file and document a pattern of behavior not otherwise expected from an ACU student. Once a department has forwarded the academic integrity violation to Student Life, the Dean of Students and/or designee reserves the right to further investigate, deliberate, and sanction a student if it is determined the student has a documented pattern of misconduct.

Multiple Violations of Academic Integrity

Once the written findings are forwarded to the Dean of Student Life, he/she or designee will review the records of each student found in violation of the academic integrity policy and determine if previous integrity violations or related student conduct violations have occurred. As is the case with all university disciplinary responses, a student’s entire disciplinary record will be considered when making decisions regarding appropriate sanctions. The Dean of Students or designee will, in consultation with the Dean of the college, determine an appropriate consequence. The Dean or designee may choose to meet with the student to convey orally and in writing the disciplinary action.

Disciplinary actions sanctioned by Student Life may include, but are not limited to: a formal warning, conduct probation, suspension or dismissal. Refer to the Student Conduct section of the Student Handbook for a full description of each sanction.

It is recommended that the Dean of each college and/or designee report academic integrity violations to the Dean of Students at the conclusion of the department’s process and after all appeals have been exhausted. It is important to note that while the department may consider the consequences to be final, faculty may not be aware of previous integrity violations in other departments.