Additional Student Information


Address Changes
Students are responsible for maintaining current and accurate local and permanent addresses. Any changes of address should be communicated to Wildcat Central.

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Directory Information
Please consult the current university catalog for information about a student’s rights concerning directory information. Directory information includes name, local and permanent telephone listing and address, official school email address, ID card photo, major field of study, date and place of birth, dates of attendance, degrees and awards received, most recent previous schools attended, and participation in officially recognized activities and sports. Directory and other public information may be released unless a student requests that this information be withheld. Requests to withhold directory information from the Hello Book (the university phone book) can only be made during the first 12 days of the fall semester. Any requests to withhold directory and other public information can be made in the Student Life office.

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Guidelines for Student Announcements
These are the current guidelines for promoting student activities on campus. Please note they are subject to change. With the exception of Campus Quad, the advertising options listed below are reserved for recognized student organizations, academic departments, and other university-related activities.

Posters, flyers, and any other form of advertising are not permitted on walls, sidewalks, windows, doors, stairs, railings, trees, trashcans, lampposts, vehicles or any other location on campus outside of the designated bulletin boards or kiosks. Requests for exceptions can be made to Student Life.

Campus Bulletin Boards and Kiosks
Campus bulletin boards and kiosks may be used to advertise campus events, meetings, or other University-related activities. Flyers or posters for bulletin boards should not be larger than 8 ½” x 11”. All flyers that are posted must be stamped and approved before they are posted. Approval can be obtained in the Student Life office or at the Campus Center Information Desk and each flyer must be stamped; flyers that are not stamped with the appropriate approval will be removed.

In order to post a flyer on the kiosk outside of McGlothlin Campus Center, you will need to submit your flyer to the Campus Center Information Desk. They will approve and stamp your flyer and then post it inside the locked bulletin boards by the following business day. You may submit up to 3 flyers, but only 1 may be posted if space is limited. Because of the limited space available, first priority will be given to promoting student events. Flyers may not be posted anywhere on the kiosk other than the appropriate bulletin boards. Classified ads will need to be posted on the bulletin board inside the campus center.

After gaining appropriate approval, flyers may be posted at the following locations:

  • Campus Center bulletin board
  • Kiosks located outside the McGlothlin Campus Center

In order to use an ACU Department’s bulletin boards, permission must be received from both Student Life, and the specific department where the flyer is to be posted.

Chapel Projector Screens
Members of the ACU community may create Powerpoint slides to run in Moody Coliseum before chapel. To submit a Powerpoint slide, email it to with the dates you would like the slide run (keep in mind that chapel occurs in Moody on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). Slides should be a minimum of 40 point font and in landscape position.

myACU Announcements
Any student group wishing to post an announcement or advertise an event that will be intended for the entire campus population should submit announcement requests for myACU.

myACU Electronic Flyers
Students and university employees may post electronic flyers on the log in page for myACU. Only gif, png, and jpg files are accepted. Images must be 50k or smaller in file size and a maximum width of 360 pixels. The ad will be shown on a rotating basis for the duration of the time you have requested. If you choose not to submit a log-in ad but would still like to publicize via the TV in the campus center, please contact the Campus Concierge for Powerpoint slide instructions.

myACU Student Events Calendar
If the advertisement is for a student event, it will be posted on the student events calendar, imbedded in the “@ACU” section of myACU. Other announcements that are not events will be posted in the student announcement section. Activities that are not hosted by Abilene Christian University or affiliated organizations may submit events for the community events calendar on myACU. These will be posted at the discretion of the Director of Student Organizations and Activities.

Submit an announcement or student event for myACU.

Sidewalk Chalk
Students may use chalk under the following specifications: 1) the chalk is water- soluble; 2) it is not placed on brick walkways; 3) no chalking in covered places where rain cannot wash away the chalk; 4) no chalking on vertical surfaces such as the sides of buildings or concrete walls.

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Internet Information
While Student Life will not proactively monitor personal web sites, social networking sites, blogs, online video hosting sites, and other such Internet information repositories for student conduct violations, the university will address student conduct violations that are reported to the Student Life office. If, in the course of the investigation, violations of law or policy are identified, the student(s) will face a disciplinary response as outlined in the Student Conduct section of this handbook.

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Medical Insurance
Students participating in intramural sports and other university activities do so at their own risk. The university is not liable for accidents incurred during these activities and does not provide insurance covering student medical care or treatment. A student may elect to purchase medical insurance through an outside provider. 

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Notification to Parents
When a dependent student receives a disciplinary response of suspension or dismissal, the parents of the dependent student may be notified by mail. Furthermore, parents of any student under the age of 21 may be notified should their student be placed on conduct probation for violating the ACU alcohol policy. The university also reserves the right to contact parents when the administration believes that parental contact is in the best interest of the student and/or the university, to the extent allowed by law. As stated in the current university catalog, a student’s dependency status is determined according to the Internal Revenue Code 1986, Section 152. (More information is available in the most recent ACU Catalog.)

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Parking is available for students living on-campus and off-campus, as well as for staff and faculty. Parking permits should be purchased from the ACU Police Department or at THE DEPOT in the Campus Center. For current policies and procedures for parking and motor vehicle registration, please consult the Regulations for Parking and Operation of Motor Vehicles on the ACU Police Department website

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Registering a Special Event
Register your student organization’s special event with Student Life using this online form. While registering your event you will be given the option to have it posted on the Student Events Calendar.

ACU Announcement Resources
For questions about publicizing on campus in any of the ways listed above, please email

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Student Organization Handbook
Students are encouraged to become involved in the many student organizations that are an important part of the ACU experience. For more information about the many organizations, click here. For more information about student organization policies, click here.

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Student role in ACU Decision-Making
ACU students are encouraged to seek involvement in campus committees and organizations, and to participate in the process of helping to continually improve ACU and her efforts to fulfill the mission of educating students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world.

Generally, committees formed by the Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, the Office of Alumni Relations, the Office of Student Life, and the college deans have student representatives who serve to offer the voice of the student in institutional decision-making. Moreover, the Students’ Association, the Graduate Students’ Association and a number of campus organizations offer excellent opportunities for students to be involved in activities and conversation which help to shape the ACU campus culture.

If you are interested in being considered as a member of a specific committee, or you would like to become more significantly involved in student focus groups and other areas of the university that provide on-going feedback for improvement, inquire in the Office of Student Life in McKinzie Hall or the Graduate School.

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Student Safety
The safety and security of students and of the campus is a priority of ACU. The ACU Police Department is on duty 24 hours a day to help keep you and your property safe. However, as with anywhere, individuals must take reasonable steps to help maintain the overall safety and security of themselves and their property.

The ACU Police Department can be reached anytime at 325-674-2305 or 325-674-2911.

The following tips should be considered to ensure your safety both on and off campus:

  • Always be alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • For jogging/walking/biking, use the lighted ACU Lunsford Foundation Trail.
  • Always avoid jogging or walking alone, particularly after dark.
  • Avoid shortcuts, deserted areas, poorly lit streets or alleys.
  • Carry your cell phone with you at all times.
  • Use a campus Emergency Blue Phone if you need help.
  • If you need a campus escort due to safety concerns, call ACU Police at 325-674-2305.

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Theft or Loss of Personal Property
The university is not liable for the theft or loss of personal items housed in campus facilities or taken on university property. Students are encouraged to take every precaution against theft, such as locking their doors, identifying personal property and carrying private property insurance. Many students are covered for loss or theft by their parents’ homeowner’s insurance policy. If this is not the case, students are strongly encouraged to consider a renter’s insurance policy for protection. Valuable property should be secured before leaving campus for holidays. All reports of lost or stolen property should be initiated with the ACU Police Department.

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