Placement Tests

ACCULPLACER Placement for Math and English

New students, including transfers with fewer than 65 transferable degree credits, have the option to complete placement testing and enroll in the courses indicated by this testing. Placement testing is offered in the areas of English and Mathematics.

Students whose ACT/SAT scores require them to enroll in a developmental course have the option to take these tests in order to improve their course placement. Placement tests are untimed, but generally take 45-60 minutes to complete. Scores are available upon completion of the test.

A $10 fee is charged for each placement test given. These tests can be taken a maximum of two times prior to the beginning of the student's first semester.

Students who have completed transferable college credit in an area where their SAT/ACT test scores indicate placement testing are not required to take the placement test but are encouraged to do so for advising purposes.

Students wishing to take the ACCUPLACER exam at a location other than ACU should contact the testing office to get instructions on how to take the exam at a remote location.