Frequently Asked Questions

What are placement tests?

  • They are designed to measure the appropriate level of the English or math course in which a student should be enrolled.  
  • They are computer adaptive, meaning how you answer a question or set of questions determines the difficulty of the next question.  
  • Unlike ACT and SAT, the placement tests are not timed; however, they are important to a student’s academic career.  

Who is required to take placement tests?  

  • Students who major in mathematics, science, computer science and pre-health (except nursing) are required to take the Advanced Math Placement Test.  

Who can benefit from placement tests?  

  • Students who score below a 19 on ACT English or below a 500 on SAT Critical Reading may wish to take the English Placement Test to avoid being placed in a developmental course.  
  • Students scoring below 20 on ACT Math or below 530 on SAT Math may take the Mathematics Placement test to avoid being placed in a developmental course.

When can students take placement tests?  

  • During New Student Orientation.  
  • By appointment during the summer, Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. in the University Testing Center.  
  • For students entering ACU for the first time in January, placement tests can be taken during Welcome Weekend.  

How do students sign up to take placement tests?  

  • After the student has registered for Orientation, he/she may sign up for optional testing by submitting the Testing at Orientation Form.  
  • Students who are required to take the Advanced Math Placement test will be notified.  

Study guide information  

We want our students to succeed at ACU by providing them with a second chance to improve their course placement. Placement tests may not be taken more than two times, so please study before testing.  

If you have any questions about placement tests, please call 325-674-2451 or 800-677-8684, or email us at