Other Programs

Because ACU is a member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, you may participate in one of the CCCU's study abroad programs.

Culture-crossing programs abroad

  • Australia Studies Centre
  • China Studies Program
  • India Studies Program
  • Latin America Studies Center
  • Middle East Studies Program
  • Uganda Studies Program 


Culture-shaping programs in the United States

  • American Studies Program: Washington, D.C.
  • Contemporary Music Center: Nashville, TN
  • Los Angeles Film Studies Center: Hollywood, CA
  • Washington Journalism Center: Washington, D.C.


For the most up-to-date information about these programs, please visit the Best Semester to view a few of your options.

China Studies Program
China. It is one of the world's oldest civilizations. It has been the crossroad of migration, trade and armies for centuries. A fifth of the earth's citizens live here. It is also undergoing tremendous change. With its wealth of resources, its rapid expansion as an industrial power, and the sheer size of the country's population and influence, China is a major force shaping the next century. Investigating its historic, religious, nationalistic and economic trends will help you understand and relate to this culture.

You will explore the complex past of one of the world's oldest cultures; experience the economic, political and social realities of contemporary China; and look ahead, to study China's challenges as a rapidly emerging world power.

You will develop a Christ-centered world view of China, its place in world events and the role of followers of Christ as you seek to understand and interact with China and its people in the future.

Home bases for the program are in Xi'an at Xi'an Foreign Languages University and in Shanghai at Fudan University, leading universities in the country. Students spend a week in Beijing and visit Hong Kong at the beginning and end of the semester.

Middle Eastern Studies 
The Middle East Studies Program in Cairo, Egypt, you have the opportunity to study Middle Eastern cultures, religions and conflicts from within this diverse and strategic region. You will participate in interdisciplinary seminar classes, receive Arabic language instruction and may serve as an intern with various organizations in Cairo. 

The MESP encourages and equips you to relate to the Muslim world in an informed and constructive manner.

You will also gain an appreciation of the Middle Eastern church and an understanding of the economic and political realities which influence the quest for peace in the Middle East. Travel to Israel/Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Turkey is included as part of the study experience. 

Uganda Studies Program
In the Uganda Studies Program you will be immersed in a local community and exposed to a variety of people and places in Uganda and neighboring Rwanda.

If you choose the Uganda Studies Emphasis, you will live on campus at Uganda Christian University in Mukono, Uganda, sharing your life with university students from Uganda and other nations of Africa.

If you choose the Intercultural Ministry and Missions Emphasis, you will live with host families within walking distance of the university, experiencing life as a Ugandan family member.

Regardless of the program emphasis you choose, you will leave Uganda with a new appreciation for the realities of African life.

Application process
To apply for these programs, complete the online application on the Best Semester website. The application process involves an interview on ACU's  campus, and your complete application will be reviewed by both ACU and CCCU. Please be aware that CCCU applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the time of application through departure in order to be eligible. CCCU spaces are limited, so please begin your application early to ensure the best chance of being offered a space in the program.

Deadline for application
Fall Semester early admissions - March 1 ; regular admissions - April 1

Spring Semester early admissions -September 1, regular admissions - October 1
*Please check the BestSemester site for the most accurate information.

Since you will need to have an interview at ACU before this deadline, please plan to finish your application two weeks before the posted CCCU deadline in order to schedule your on campus interview. Failing to do so may prevent your application from being submitted on time.

Semester dates
CCCU fall semester programs usually begin in late August and end in mid-December and spring semester programs usually begin in mid-January and end in early May. Please see the BestSemester website for the most accurate information.