Forms for Faculty and Advisors




    Academic Data Report Request   Complete this form to request academic or student records data.
Change of Grade   This form is used to change a student’s grade in cases of errors in calculation, completion of a course originally listed as Incomplete or In Progress, or completion of a student appeal (following the process outlined in the catalog). Only use this form if less than one long semester has passed since the original grade was entered. After one long semester has passed, a Retroactive Change Form must be submitted.
Course Equivalency Form   Use this form if a student is requesting to take a course away from ACU and your department’s chair would like to establish the requested course as equivalent or sufficiently comparable to an ACU course (or to have it count only as a free elective). If the course is not equivalent, but can be substituted in a specific student’s degree plan, please do not complete this form. A Degree Substitution and Waiver Form will be required instead.
Curricular and/or Degree Plan Changes (Word document)   Complete this form to request changes to curriculum.
Degree Substitutions and Waivers   This form should be completed by a department on a student’s behalf when requesting that a catalog degree requirement be substituted or waived.
GST Advanced Standing Form  

Graduate School of Theology students may receive credit for up to 25% of their degree through examination based on knowledge gained during undergraduate study. Use this form to list undergraduate courses being submitting for consideration in order to qualify for a challenge examination.

Incomplete Grade Contract   This form is used when a student wishes to request an Incomplete grade in a course due to illness or some other significant reason beyond the control of the student. The contract must be completed and signed by the students, instructor and department chair. Incomplete grades will change to an F at the end of the next semester.
Probation Contract for Students   This form should be completed with a student who has been placed on probation in order to establish an agreement to address specific ways to enhance the student’s academic performance.
Request to Add or Change Course Fees   Course fees or changes to existing course fees must be approved and published in the catalog for the following year in order for them to be assessed on a student’s account.
Retroactive Change Form   This form should be used when wanting to add or drop a student after the end of a term or to change a grade after the passing of one long semester.
Tuition and/or Fee Waiver Request   This form is used when a student wishes to request that a portion of tuition or fees for a particular course (or courses) be refunded. Refunds for courses are subject to approval by the dean of the course's department, the Vice Provost, and the CFO. They are also subject to applicable federal and state rules for financial aid awarding.

The New Course Application and New Program Application are available from the Adams Center.

Note: All forms are in a PDF format (except those noted above), which requires the free software Adobe Reader to view. If you are having difficulties viewing the forms, download the latest version of Adobe Reader and follow the installation instructions provided by Adobe.