DegreeWorks Degree Evaluation

Using Your Degree Evaluation (For Catalog Years 2011 to Present Day)

To run your DegreeWorks degree evaluation, follow these steps:

  • Log in to myACU. Then click on the Banner menu option at the top left.
  • From the Main Menu select Student and Financial Aid, then Student Records.
  • Click on Degree Evaluation (updated only for catalog years 2011 and later) and your degree audit will display.

Additional Features:

  • To see a list of courses for which you should register (in consultation with your advisor), click on the dropdown menu under format, then select registration checklist, then clickview.
  • To determine how classes would apply if you changed catalog year, major, minor, or concentration, click on the what if link in the left menu. Select a different catalog year, etc. and then click on process what-if. You may uncheck include in-progress classes and/or include preregistered classes if you do not wich for those to be included in the what-if analysis.
  • To review the impact of the courses you plan to take next term, click add course and process new.  The planned course(s) you entered will display on your evaluation in blue text to indicate where they would apply in your degree plan.
  • For assistance in determining how to achieve your desired graduation GPA, click on Graduation Calculator in the left menu, enter the requested information and click calculate.
  • For assistance in determining your estimated current term GPA, click on Term Calculator in the left menu, enter the requested information and click calculate.

If you have questions about anything that you see on your evaluation please contact your advisor.  If you experience trouble logging in, please contact Team55 at  325-674-5555 or