Common Application for Internal Grants

  1. Please complete the Common Internal Grants Application Form.

  2. Complete the Internal Grants Budget Form. Include total funds needed for the project, total funds requested for this application, and if applicable, include a narrative explaining other sources of support, justification of expenses, and a prioritization of expenses. 
    • The application and budget forms should be completed, signed by the faculty person, and submitted to no later than 5 p.m. on the Monday of the last week in January.
  3. Please complete EthicsCORE Responsible Conduct of Research Training. Be sure to register under the ACU group when creating an account. Please submit a copy of your Completion Certificate with your application. RCR training should be conducted once every 4 years. All applications must have an up-to-date Completion Certificate at the time of the review meeting to be considered for funding. All training modules are accessible via a Canvas Research Training Course. You may request access to the classroom by clicking here.
  4. The Chair/Dean Evaluation and Approval form will then be generated and sent out using Adobe eSign Services for completion and signatures. This form must be completed and signed no later than the first Monday of February.