Submitting a New Study

I need to submit an application for:

Non-research or Non-human research

  • Quality Improvement
  • Program Evaluation
  • Class Project
  • Community Outreach
  • Study involving non-living individuals
  • Study involving only de-identified data


Exempt Research

  • Study examining normal educational practices in an educational setting
  • Study involving only the use of surveys, interviews, or observation
  • Study using existing data that is public or de-identified
  • Taste and food quality study


Expedited Review
Studies in these 7 categories including:

  • Noninvasive procedures
  • Data collected for non-research purposes
  • Recordings made for research purposes
  • Studies involving surveys, interviews, focus groups, etc. that do not otherwise meet exemption


Full Board Review

  • Studies that are more than minimal risk
  • Studies that do not otherwise meet the qualifications for the other categories


While not all studies require IRB oversight (non-research, non-human research, and exempt), it is advised that all studies be submitted for determination and confirmation of the research category. PIs whose studies are classified as non-research, non-human research, or exempt will receive a letter confirming that determination.