GPA Calculators

GPA Calculator Apps

When using a GPA Calculator app, be sure to set the default weight of grades in the app settings to match ACU’s grading system & the correct number of credit hours each course is worth (4 hours, 3 hours, 2 hours, 1 hour, 0 hours). ACU does not use (+ and -) grade weights.

A= 4 Grade Points
B= 3 Grade Points
C= 2 Grade Points
D= 1 Grade Point
F= 0 Grade Points

Suggested Mobile Apps


An app for iPhone and iPad designed by John Davis

  • Find your semester and cumulative GPA’s easily
  • Add your courses to keep track of your grades or add past GPA history (do this by inputting your Quality Points and GPA Hours, which you can find on your unofficial transcript in the Banner tab on your myACU homepage)
  • Special features include setting a course as Pass/Fail, Do Not Count (useful for replacing past failed courses) and In Progress (for your current classes)

To download the free version & for more information, follow this link.

Degree Planner: GPA Calculator

An app for Android users designed by Jesse Norris

  • Keep track of both your semester and cumulative GPA’s
  • Special features allow you to mark courses as “In Progress,” keep track of which courses you have remaining in your degree plan, and add your class locations, times, and days

To download the free version & for more information, follow this link.

Additional Resources:

  1. Estimate your GPA during a semester (.xls). This does NOT reflect an official GPA. The only official GPA is recorded on your transcript from the registrar's office. You may also view your unofficial GPA in your myACU account.
  2. Keep track of your classes and GPA throughout your college career (.xls). You can save it to your computer and add your classes each semester.