Learning Outside the Classroom


Distinguished Speaker Series
This lecture series was designed to bring Christian business leaders to campus to share their keys to success and how they have integrated Christian faith into their work.


Griggs Center
The Griggs Center for Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy provides students with mentorship, hands-on experience and resources that equip them to imagine and launch new ventures.


Leadership Summit
The Leadership Summit is a course that takes place during Christmas break in Colorado: it offers a blend of dynamic speakers, practical application, skill building, and spiritual insight are all designed to  equip students for leadership in the family, at church and at work.  It also offers three semester hours of credit.


Springboard Accelerator
Students who are ready to launch a new venture can take advantage of free office space, professional services and mentoring offered in the Griggs Center's eHub facility.

Springboard Elevator Pitch
Each fall, the Griggs Center hosts an elevator pitch competition allowing teams of students to earn venture capital for their two-minute business presentations before a panel of expert judges.

Springboard Ideas Challenge
Each spring, the Griggs Center hosts a mini-business plan competition that provides an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs at ACU and in the community to win significant capital for their new business ventures.


Study Abroad
COBA offers study abroad courses in Oxford, England; Leipzig, Germany; and China that are designed to give students a head start in business.

Venture Out
The first class in which a freshman business major participates will include this vital learning experience.  Venture Out is an in-class project requiring students to form teams and run their own businesses.