STAR (Student Trading and Research)

Originally known as STAR (Student Trading and Research), FIN 439: Student Managed Fund is an incredible opportunity for students to manage part of ACU's endowment while earning college credit. Conceived and originally funded by a small group of ACU Trustees and Faculty members, students began managing this fund in 2000. For the first time, in the fall of 2012, the Student Managed Fund members received academic credit for their efforts; it was made into a 3-hour course. Since inception, the fund's average annual return exceeds that of its benchmark, the S&P 500, by over 2%. Funds currently being managed total over $950,000. Former student manager, Matt Sanderson, encourages students to become involved with this class. He says "it's an incredible platform for students looking to get into the real estate and/or investment industries. I am a firm believer in the Student Managed Fund and can credit my investment knowledge as well as my career to taking this course. Students are missing out if they do not participate in this experience."

Faculty sponsors

Dr. Terry Pope
Professor of Finance