Class Assignments


To help students pace their career development progress, assignments are inserted into classes throughout their academic career.

Introduction to Business - BUSA 120
Students are encouraged to explore career options early in their academic career. Students are taught how to use various resources to explore career opportunities that align with their interests and academic program. The research culminates with realization of an initial entry-level career target (the options they are exploring), the degree they will need to earn, and the professional experiences to add during their college career that would have a significant future benefit.

Management and Organizational Behavior - MGMT 330
A discussion of the transferable qualities all employers want provides insight needed to help students understand what they must do to prepare for internship and job interviews. This assignment requires students to communicate current examples that prove they have these qualities employee seek. In-class mock interviews utilizing these examples opens students’ eyes to the challenges one will face if they do not adequately prepare. In response to identifying their own weak areas, students write a plan of action of how to improve that quality prior to interviewing for an internship or a job.

Financial Accounting - ACCT 210
Students are presented with salary levels of graduates for the past three years. This information is broken down by academic major and communicates the salary range from the 25 th percentile to the 75 th percentile. Students are asked to determine if “at these salary levels, what amount of student loans would be in-line with good financial practice?” Students walk away with a beginning personal budget that gives them context for how their money will be spent once they graduate and are living on their own.

Operations Management - MGMT 331 (or major specific course in third year)
Students are taught the basics of how to complete an internship search and are required to complete a survey explaining their targeted career opportunity as well as locations they would like to move to upon graduation. In addition, students are required to complete a profile in the ACU career database and upload their resume. This information is used to begin the push to achieve an internship that in turn can aid securement of an entry-level career opportunity.

Strategic Management - MGMT 439 (or major specific course in third year)
Students are taught the basics of how to complete a job search and are required to update their targeted career opportunity and top three locations. Students areequired again to update their profile in the ACU career database and upload their most up-to-date resume. Coupled with prior efforts to achieve an internship, this specificity in targeting career opportunities helps students to achieve an entry-level job.