Mabee Business Building


The Mabee Business Building is 55,000 square feet and was dedicated on September 1, 1986. In addition to its seventeen state-of-the-art classrooms and labs, the facility includes several types of common areas: for quiet reflection, for socializing, and for study. Faculty offices and meeting rooms round out a great setting for teaching, research, study, mentoring, and interaction with others.


The College of Business Atrium is a large area in the center of the Mabee Business Building where you will run into professors and classmates. With seating areas throughout the atrium, you are sure to find a perfect spot to eat, study, or just talk with friends.


The Quiet Place was dedicated by Richard and Dema Lunsford with their children. It has five study rooms, a small group meeting room, and a foyer. The Quiet Place is a special place for you to study, meet for devotionals, and spend some time in meditation.


The classroom is your first chance to really get to know your professors. The Mabee Business Building has seventeen smart classrooms which range from lecture halls that seat 140 students to small group meeting rooms that facilitate conversation and teamwork.


The Crossing Cafe  is one of many student-run businesses under Wildcat Ventures. They serve coffee, breakfast, and snacks in the mornings. You can drop by before class and get energized while engaging with your fellow students and the Cafe's friendly employees.

COBA's computer lab facilities equip you with the latest software skills that are highly prized by your future employers. A recent renovation ensures that the computers and software you have access to is updated. COBA faculty integrate technology into the classroom daily to also ensure that you keep up to date with the latest trends.