Bachelor of Science in Social Work (B.S.S.W.)

Welcome to the Bachelor of Science in Social Work program! We truly believe that there is not a better, more exciting, or more important time to be a social worker. We are excited that you are considering joining us on this incredible journey.

While you are in classes here, prepare to be pushed not only academically, but spiritually, socially, mentally and morally. If you have a comfort zone, prepare for it to be demolished. That’s our job, and we love what we do.We have high standards for each of our BSSW students, and a wonderful faculty that is dedicated to helping you be successful and reach your goals while you are learning here. While in our program you will not only be educated in the field of social work, but you will also be provided with opportunities to do research, present to professional groups, publish, and travel if you so wish. It is an exciting time filled with opportunities here in the ACU School of Social Work, and the faculty is prepared to walk along side you throughout the educational process.

Additionally, we have supportive resources on campus that will help you in your quest for excellence. Take advantage of all of the resources offered, as they are here for you.

Finally, because this is a Christian institution, we have the blessing of being able to do everything within the context of following Jesus Christ. While we don’t expect you to believe or behave just as we do, we hope that you will always dedicate yourself to help others while serving our Lord. That is our goal and desire for you.

So, on behalf of my colleagues in the School of Social Work, welcome.

Dr. Stephen Baldridge, PhD, LMSW
Director, Baccalaureate of Science in Social Work Program