Supervision and Medicare Requirements

Student Supervision and Medicare Requirements
Supervising an OT student does not have to affect your productivity or bottom line. Medicare requires appropriate supervision of students who come in contact with beneficiaries. Requirements vary by setting. AOTA has provided information on this subject as well as a link to Medicare regulations in this area. Learn more

Recent studies published by an AOTA report concluded that fieldwork educators do not experience lowered productivity when supervising a student. Read the article

Working with a Struggling Student
Due to a variety of circumstances, fieldwork experiences may be a difficult time for some students.  Personality differences, productivity requirements, and new learning situations can all lead to difficulties.  If you find yourself working with a student who is struggling professionally or academically while on fieldwork it is imperative to contact the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, Kari Williams, at ,as soon as a problem presents.  

To help improve communication and set detailed guidelines with the struggling student you may consider implementing a learning contract.

Download Learning Contract 

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