Thank you for your interest in taking part of the education of Abilene Christian University’s Occupational Therapy students!  We value your role as a professional and how your expertise and experience adds to Occupational Therapy program. Fieldwork education is a crucial part of our students’ professional preparation and is integrated into our curriculum by design.

Our program implements and evaluates fieldwork experiences on their effectiveness. Fieldwork experiences in the program consist of two phases, fieldwork level 1 and fieldwork level 2.  Both levels of fieldwork should provide students with the opportunity to carry out professional responsibilities under the supervision of a qualified occupational therapy practitioner, who serves as a role model.  

Read more about the phases of fieldwork.

Follow the links below to find out more about being a fieldwork educator with our program. For specific questions or concerns about fieldwork education, please contact Kari Williams, academic fieldwork coordinator, at kxw14d@acu.edu or 325-674-2789.