Level 2 Fieldwork Experience

The Level 2 fieldwork experiences, in the occupational therapy department at Abilene Christian University, are integrated as a component of the curriculum design. The student is required to successfully complete two Level 2 Fieldwork experiences in the second and third years of the professional phase.

The 2011 Standards for an Accredited Educational Program for the Occupational Therapist adopted by the ACOTE of AOTA indicate the goal of Level II Fieldwork is to develop competent, entry-level, generalist occupational therapists. Level II fieldwork must be integral to the program’s curriculum design and must include an in-depth experience in delivering occupational therapy services to clients, focusing on the application of purposeful and meaningful occupation and research, administration, and management of occupational therapy services. It is recommended that the student be exposed to a variety of clients across the life span and to a variety of settings.

The fieldwork experience is designed to promote clinical reasoning and reflective practice, to transmit the values and beliefs that enable ethical practice, and to develop professionalism and competence in career responsibilities (C.1.11).

Level II fieldwork takes place in traditional and/or emerging settings consistent with the curriculum design. In all settings, psychosocial factors influencing engagement in occupation must be understood and integrated for the development of client-centered, meaningful, occupational-based outcomes (C.1.12).

The student is required to perform Level II fieldwork during OCCT 790 and OCCT 795. Level II fieldwork can be completed in a minimum of one setting if it is reflective of more than one practice areas, or in a maximum of four different settings (C.1.12).

The Level II fieldwork experiences require a minimum of 24 weeks’ full-time. This may be completed on a part-time basis as defined by the fieldwork placement in accordance with the fieldwork placement’s usual and customary personnel policies, as long as it is at least 50% of a full-time equivalent (FTE) at that site. (C.1.13).

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