Shortage of Internship Positions


The Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND) has mandated that current and prospective dietetics students be informed of a problem that is occurring with qualified students securing dietetic internship positions for after graduation. In the actual words of ACEND:  “In recent years, the number of internship positions has remained relatively constant while the number of graduates from DPD programs has increased, leaving growing numbers of qualified students who are unable to complete their education and become Registered Dietitians.  During the first round of the April 2009 match, approximately 50% of the 4,120 applicants did not get internships. Moreover, that percentage is expected to grow, due to growing numbers of new DPD graduates, unsuccessful applicants reapplying for internships, and a relatively stagnant number of internship positions. In view of the need to protect the welfare of students, the ACEND board has taken and will be taking a series of actions to enhance the number of qualified students who are able to complete their education.  The ACEND board is requiring that all currently-enrolled students and all students applying to dietetics programs be informed of the magnitude of the shortage of internship positions to allow them to make informed career decisions.”